Learn to save fuel with these tips that AMC gives you, apply them in the day to day and give a good care to your car.

1. Fill the tank

The logic is simple, if you only add a little fuel to your car every time you go to a destination, in the long run you will end up paying more due to the recurring trips to the service station.

2. Avoid using air conditioning

The use of this resource can increase fuel consumption by between 10% and 20%. Use it only in situations that warrant it.

3. Check your tyre pressure

Tires should contain the pressure indicated by the manufacturer and depending on weather conditions. Driving with incorrect tyre pressure increases fuel consumption.

4. Do a good job

To save fuel, the engine must be in optimum condition, as well as the filters, lubricants, liquids and other elements. It complies with the recommended maintenance periods.

5. Keep distance between cars

It is important to avoid constant braking. It will also help you avoid possible accidents, as it is one of the most common causes of crashes.

6. Plan your route well

Especially when it comes to long journeys and little-known roads. Find routes with fluid traffic to maintain a constant speed and / or shortcuts that reduce the time of arrival at your destination.

Soon more tips to take care of your car and remember to choose AMC international quality gaskets.

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