Considerations when choosing a suitable cylinder head gasket for our vehicle

Due to the growing demand for automotive spare parts and the wide variety of products and brands on the market, people with no knowledge of mechanics are in serious trouble when going to stores to buy a spare part for their car causing them to acquire a product of poor quality or not suitable for their engine.

This often happens when buying cylinder head gaskets for the engine of your vehicle, being fooled on many occasions with products made by hand, cheap and poor quality, with similar models but not the one you need and / or different thickness, generating serious problems to your vehicle as the package can blow, valves are hit and the camshaft is broken or even break the engine.

How do we ensure the quality of the head gasket?

To avoid incense expenses, loss of time and future problems with your vehicle, when purchasing a cylinder head gasket it is necessary to take into account the following points:

  1. Know the make, model, year and type of engine of the car. You can easily see these data on your property card, it is recommended that you take it with you when making the purchase of any auto part for your vehicle.
  2. Ask your mechanic about the type of packaging required for your car. This may vary due to the wear that the cylinder head suffers during its time of use.
  3. Check the product at the time of purchase. Always remember to verify that the engine model of your property card matches the packaging label. You should also verify the requested thickness and check the manufacturing material of the package.

Once the product has been verified, you can go to your trusted mechanic so that he can carry out the installation in an adequate manner, giving the necessary torque so that the package can be properly installed.

By following these simple steps you can avoid being surprised and damaging your car.

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