If you find yourself in the need to keep your car for a long period, take into account the following tips that will help you avoid breakdowns due to disuse. To begin with, the best thing for a car that is not going to be used for a long period of time is to have it in a garage or in an enclosed space and not outdoors, since changes in temperature, rain and direct and prolonged exposure to the sun can damage it.

Considerations before storing

Clean the interior of the car well, to avoid bad odors caused by moisture. Also completely disconnect the battery and make sure that there is no electricity consumption, so that when you return you do not find it completely discharged.

Inflate the rims to 2.8 to avoid deformation. Also, never leave the fuel tank empty, the ideal is to leave it at half its capacity, to prevent the tank from deteriorating.

Check all liquids in the vehicle. In the case of oil, the portal specialized in automotive mechanics,, recommends leaving the tank full and changing it when it is used again.

Finally, it is important to move the car from time to time. Leaving it at idle for a few minutes (the number of revolutions per minute that the engine of a car or other vehicle must have when it is not accelerated), will prevent deposits from forming in the fuel, oil and coolant circuits, and will also change the support point of the tyres.

When you use it again

Before starting, it is advisable to check the general condition of the engine. Observe the fluid levels (oil, engine coolant, power steering oil and brake fluid) and fuel, and renew those you have decided to remove.

Don't forget to check the belts and start the engine in several stages. Remember not to use the car until the oil reaches the right temperature. You can also brake a few times to reactivate the effectiveness of the brake pads.

It is worth mentioning that in this process you must have a lot of patience, as it takes time to make the vehicle recover all its functions.

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